PQP For Developers

How much of your time actually goes to the crucial work of evidence-based practice implementation? How much of your time goes to expanding the science and improving the quality of your practice?

How much of your time goes to the things that get in the way—like marketing your practice, or determining if a site is feasible and committed to implementation? How much of your time goes to maintaining sites that have already implemented, which are constantly reacting to turnover?

How can YOU—with your experience, expertise and talents—make the biggest difference and provide the most value?

These questions—focused on your work—guided our development of this organization. We're not here to challenge your expertise, we're here to make your work essential.

Focus on your most valuable work.

We're willing to bet that you're spending too much of your time focused on the distractions of MARKETING and MAINTENANCE, when you'd make a bigger difference focused on your expertise, and what you're called to do—DEVELOPMENT and DISSEMINATION. Proven Quality Practices wants to work WITH you to change that.

What do you need to disseminate more widely? Our robust, third-party accreditation can provide YOU with the following:


Let's face it, evidence-based practice clearinghouses are great at detailing research pedigrees, but they aren't that great at showing real world providers what it looks like or what it means to implement a particular practice. PQP is designed to be a more practical resource for providers—giving you far wider recognition among the community-based organizations to which you'll be disseminating your practice. Plus, third-party accreditation provides easy-to-understand validation and value for all relevant stakeholders—all the way up to influential policy-makers.


You probably waste a fair amount of time weeding out organizations that aren't ready for organizational change or your practice. We're also willing to bet you turn away a fair number of interested organizations because you don't have the capacity—you can't be sure that enough organizations will step up to be able to support more dissemination staff. Hiring gives YOU too much risk, especially if you're unsure of a qualified market for those services.

PQP can solve these problems. As a one-stop shop for community organizations seriously interested in implementing evidence-based practices, PQP can do the work of qualifying potential sites on behalf of your practice—accreditation naturally assesses organizational fit and commitment. Further, information gathered by PQP will provide more real-world insights on which to base capacity decisions.

Independent accreditation does not threaten your work—it can't replace the value of expert consultation. Rather, it can help focus your work on high-value, high-impact relationships, and ensure you're doing more crucial work, more often and more consistently.


We're on the same team and have the same goals—socially significant outcomes. To that end, we think your time is best spent disseminating, or advancing and improving your practice, rather than performing maintenance at sites that use it.

Fundamentally, we think spending YOUR valuable time and expertise maintaining practice at a particular site you've already consulted, at length, just doesn't make sense. Well-qualified peer reviewers should, frankly, provide sites more valuable, varied insights while effectively assuring quality services are provided. It makes sense for validation to come from a third-party, rather than the consultant—and it frees you to INNOVATE and IMPROVE the practice.

Accreditation provides an incredibly valuable intersection of stakeholders and data you can leverage to do just that. Work with us to promote socially significant outcomes. For more information, contact Peggy McElgunn at peggymcelgunn@comcast.net.