Better Resources for Organizations

Proven Quality Practices offers tools to help organizations in health and human services identify and implement evidence-based practices that fit their unique circumstances, culture and goals.

Navigation Guide & Practice Matching

PQP offers a tool to help organizations understand and select evidence-based practices that fit their circumstances, culture and goals to better facilitate EBP adoption. This includes:   Detailed needs assessment survey   Customized EBP navigation guide   Customized practice matching report   Easy-to-digest practice evidence, recognition and implementation details

Better information, individualized.

PQP's navigation resource aims to improve the quality of information about evidence-based practices in the health & human services "marketplace" and better facilitate EBP adoption through individualized reports that help organizations make well-informed decisions about EBP implementation. GET STARTED, NOW »

Standards-based Gap Analysis

PQP is also developing an in-depth consultative tool to analyze an organization’s systems and programs against evidence-based practice standards—providing organizations with deep insight into the implementation and cultural fit of specific evidence-based practices.

Gap analysis includes:

  Comprehensive organizational assessment   Standards-based practice matching report with detailed insight   Personalized gap analysis reports measured against specific EBPs   Detailed, custom implementation road maps   Consultative decision-making support   Facilitation of implementation relationships

Informing and facilitating crucial decisions.

This service aims to provide the consultative support necessary to help organizations make deeply informed decisions about EBP implementation, and make more detailed information about specific practices more widely available to organizations. PQP’s standards-based gap analysis will provide organizations with detailed and customized consultative roadmaps to the implementation of several specific EBPs. Ultimately, we expect this detailed resource and consultative support to speed the adoption of EBPs in health and human services.

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