Navigation, Analysis, Accreditation to promote socially significant outcomes

It is the mission of Proven Quality Practices to promote socially significant outcomes in health and human services by supporting community organizations and closing the science to practice gap.

Navigation & Gap Analysis

We offer tools to help organizations in health & human services identify and implement evidence-based practices that fit their unique circumstances, culture and goals.

Why Accreditation?

We believe that the intrinsic and extrinsic values of sophisticated, independent peer-review accreditation processes can improve fidelity to evidence-based programs in health & human services and ultimately lower barriers to understanding and maintaining these outcomes-driven programs.

Closing the science to practice gap

Proven Quality Practices provides unique tools and better resources for organizations in health & human services to understand evidence-based practices (EBPs) and their implementation, and ultimately promote adoption of EBPs.

Our tools can help organizations:

  navigate a crowded EBP “marketplace,”   find an EBP that fits their unique culture, circumstances and goals,   make well-informed decisions about EBPs,   understand the implementation process,   analyze their implementation roadmap,   and maintain fidelity after implementation.

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